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+39 199 113366http://wwww.sda.it/ 網點大全


Italy SDA

SDA Express Courier was founded in Italy in 1984 as an express courier, and has been developing new strategic areas over the years trough a more versatile and comprehensive offer.

Today, its mission is to be a Global partner for B2B and B2C distribution, with an integrated offer that includes express courier services and deferred delivery.

SDA's main objective is to develop value added solutions in order to increase its customer's business and their competitive advantages, being constantly oriented to quality improvement.

85 Terminals, 9 Hubs and mini hubs, about 4,900 vehicles and a team of over 4,000 employees and collaborators, everyday connects Italy.

Entry in the Poste Italiane Group in 1998 is the confirmation of the solidity and experience accrued.


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